Re: [gardeners] Re: Sunday in the garden [sic]

Ron Hay (
Mon, 25 Jun 2001 08:09:12 -0700

Good morning, Carol,

As the owner of a 3-y.o. fecund semi-dwarf Blenheim apricot, I would
urge you to start over, if you are prepared to wait a few years until
you are in full production.

Our little tree produced, as of Friday, somewhat over 600 apricots,
which were small, juicy and incredibly sweet. Lost nary a one to
squirrels this year, as a neighbor doesn't bother to net her tree as we
do, which makes it much easier pickings for the local
least this year.

The first year we had only a handfull of fruit; last year we had about
70, and this year almost a 10-fold increas over last year. What a joy to
go out before breakfast to pick fully ripe 'cots, just warmed by the
sun, to have with nice thick yogurt and a dash of home made passion
fruit syrup. Yummmm!

Van Nuys, CA
Sunser Zone 18, USDA 9b