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George Shirley (
Mon, 25 Jun 2001 11:02:17 -0500

Just noticed the Bethesda at the end of your message. Bethesda, MD? I spent some
time in the Naval Hospital there in early 1959, don't remember much about it
though, didn't go out to the civilian areas. Sounds like you have been very busy
with your garden. My father-in-law gardened in St. Mary's County, MD and could
grow about anything in that old red dirt with rocks in it on his place.

Blueberries - I have two different types as that is generally required with high
bush blueberries to get them to fruit. One bears very large (rabbiteye) berries
and the other has a slightly smaller berry that comes on a week or two later
than the big one. Might you not have something similar there?

We're getting enough traffic right now to keep the list open. You wouldn't
believe the bounced messages I get on a daily basis, mostly spam that the list
server sends on to me.


"c.l. avery" wrote:
> Dear George and List,
>     George -- surely you are not serious about disbanding the list????  No,
> please, no!  I'm sure that there are many of us who, quietly lurking, enjoy
> reading however little or much is produced on the list!  Please reconsider.
> Even if just one posting a week -- it's rewarding.
>     I've gone pepper crazy this year and have a row of green ones, a row of
> red ones, a row of yellow ones, a row of orange ones, and a row of hot
> peppers thrown in to boot.  All are about knee high and are just starting to
> flower.  I've got 4 different kinds of tomatoes growing and only one of
> them, a yellow table-top cherry tomato, has fruit on it at this point.
> Flowers are just starting on the tomatoes as well.  I like to 'espalier' the
> tomatoes and so my little garden patch has 8 12 foot spikes growing out in
> it, awaiting the tomato plants getting taller.  Kinda spooky looking as it
> is now.
>   My blueberry season is strangely extended this year. The patch on the left
> hand side has already produced and I don't see many more coming along.  The
> patch on the right hand side is just now flowering!  So, more to come in the
> next few weeks.  Believe me, I'm not complaining, just find it strange and
> odd that the same kind of bush would bloom so very differently -- they are
> only l0 feet apart from each other.  My alpine strawberries had their first
> flush and now the second wave of berries seems to be coming in.  I love
> them!  I have Alexandria's in the backyard and Rugen Improved in the front
> yard.
>   I trimmed and weeded and generally wrestled under control my ivy patch
> (underneath two holly trees) on Saturday and now, as has always happened in
> the past, am itching my hands/wrists/ankles and seeing the bumps of poison
> ivy forming!!!  Darn it all!!!   I always think that each year I've gotten
> the darn stuff under control and that there isn't any more of it there
> lurking for me.  And I'm always wrong.
>   Carolyn
>   Bethesda
>   Zone 7a
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