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Seyfried,Alice (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
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Hi Penny,
Well, first let me say that I really don't have a recipe. I just add
everything till I think it looks good (my grandma taught me well!). I start
with the biggest pot I've got - I think it's a 3 gallon one, maybe bigger.
Cut the apples up (just whack 'em up - no pealing or coring) and throw 'em
in. Add some apple cider, apple juice or water (maybe 2 or 3 cups) so they
won't burn. Put a lid on the pot and simmer for a while until the apples are
tender. Take it off the heat and run the whole batch through a Victorio
Strainer to remove the skins and seeds (If you don't have one of these
wonderful contraptions, an alternative would be to peel and core the apples
first, then just mash them up when they're tender). The result of the
straining I then put into my crock pot (or 2!) and turn on high. At this
point is where I add some brown sugar (a cup or 2 - amount depends on how
sweet the apples are), cinnamon and nutmeg. If you like cinnamon, add alot.
If you don't, add a little. :)  Leave the lid off and let it go for at least
a day, sometimes 2.  It will be done when the apple butter at the edges of
the crock pot become caramelly. You can then either can it or freeze it.
I've done both and not had problems with either. I prefer canning because it
saves freezer space.


-Alice (zone 5b-6)

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Alice, how do you make apple butter? It's a real favorite here.

Penny, NY


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