[gardeners] Re: Member Information

bsk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 26 Jun 2001 14:44:02 -0500

Many folks already know all kinds of things about me from the Ranchmama
stories but to try and cut it short.
Live in central Oklahoma on 680 + soon to have another 80 acres and house.
About 100 head of cows with half being registered Limousin. 1200 caged pair
of keets, 900 pair of cockatiels,one 18 y.o. sun, 22 y.o. daughter ( 7
months P.G. with a boy), 4 y.o. grandson, 1 25 y.o. son in law, 5 pit bull
   We make our living from cows and birds. I attempt to garden in a old
enlarged hay pen 2 miles from the house with only the water mother nature
provides. Last year the cows got in an had a garden party on my garden. Ate
everything in sight! LOL
     Will soon have a place to plant corn and other water intensive produce
with a water hose. Yippee!!! This is going to be my first year to try a fall
garden in Oklahoma's usually scorching sun and dry, dry air and ground.
    I would like to can and freeze but haven't produce enough for either
yet. This is also going to be my first year to save Okra and black-eyed pea
seeds! I want at least 2 pounds of each if I can get it.
     (See fooled you ...... I kept it short ! LOL)

Okie zone 7a