[gardeners] deer

flylo@txcyber.com (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 11:28:03 -0500

Tom, the deer proof fence is probably the only thing that'll be sure 
fire. But, these tricks have worked for me (so far). I plant my corn in 
big blocks then plant something 'stickery/viney' underneath like 
zucchini. Deer don't like the vines and whiskery leaves. They like 
neat, orderly little paths. I also broadcast several pounds of field 
peas outside my garden and till that in lightly. What the deer don't 
get, I can turn to green manure later on, but it seems to keep them 
from devouring the whole garden. Don't plant tall stuff like bean 
trellis or corn on the 'far side, sneaky side' of the garden area. Don't 
give the deer a lot of cover to hide in. 
I do have my garden set up so one side of the 80' square meets up 
with my solar electric fenceline. Before we put the fence up, that 
was a regular flight pattern for all sorts of wildlife, deer, wild hog, 
coyotes, you name it. Now they all skirt around the edges, even 
leaving the garden alone. Well, so far anyhow.
I've heard about sprinkling out human hair cuttings, draping old dirty 
sox around, hiding rotten eggs outside the garden, and finally, 
tossing around lion poop. Even if these worked well, none seem 
like they'd be very conducive to gardening in a community setting, 
though! Well, one of our (distant) neighbors does have 4 tigers, 
guess I could test some of that theory out if need be. <G>
("Hi! Could I borrow a cup of .....?")
Martha, (Texas)
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