[gardeners] Wednesday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 12:50:47 -0500

Well, that tears it. Miz Anne is out of school and taking a class at the local U
to maintain her teaching certificate. She's only gone half a day so I've
depended on her to tend the garden (like I had a choice in the matter, hah!).
Got home from my work at about 1000, visited the garden and picked 5 cukes about
2 feet long, hadn't even turned yellow yet. About a dozen tomatoes of various
persuasions, a quart of figs, 4 eggplant, two sweet chiles, and turned up a zuke
that will be ready by tomorrow. I would chastize her for failing in her duty but
I enjoyed being out there so much I'm just gonna keep my mouth shut.

Yeah, we still have zukes. Only one of the three plants was killed by the
borers. The other two were saved by injections of liquid Bt into the stem and
then cover that part with soil. One plant is huge, at least 3 feet in diameter
coverage, and the other is less than half that size. I counted at least 4 zukes
in various stages of readiness and was happy. People, this is the first time
since 1975 that we have been able to grow enough summer squash to get a mess big
enough to eat. Yessir, I'm gonna get me some more beneficial nematodes real soon

Tomorrow I trek up to Alexandria, LA to the VA hospital to see my orthopod. I'm
guessing this will be my last visit as I have the full range of motion in my
left shoulder again and am rapidly putting muscle back on the biceps, etc. July
9th I have to go back up there to see the cardiologist and to get my new script
that is supposed to help the cavitation in the right ventricle and help drop my
BP's. Thank you all for your tax dollars. <BSEG>

Well, since I finished my two-year consulting project I think I'll go take a
nap. It rained like the dickens here this morning and now the sun is out and the
place is steaming. May not have to cook those zukes at all.

Life is good.