Re: [gardeners] Intro

W. Arons (
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 15:34:04 -0500

I bought some floating row cover from the Henry Field's catalog at a very
good price this year, and was really pleased w/ the results--my covered
peppers totally escaped flea beetle infestation (and I was able to put them
out early w/out worrying about cold night temps).  I'd recommend it for
chemical free pest control.  Wendy

>Anne, have you tried using floating row cover over your veggies? I had a
>beautiful, practically insect-free bed of veggies this spring. See John
>Mertus's website, , click on "Yalpings from the
>Twilight Zone" then "floating row cover." He has interesting stuff on his
>website, and some of his humor pieces will crack your ribs...Margaret L
>>I have also started planting some vegetables again, with minor success.  I
>>hate using chemicals (my hubby is a chemist) and the bugs love this Florida
>>weather as much as I do.  They are getting more produce from the garden than
>>I am.  Ah well, I have learned ways to keep my flowers going, I will learn
>>to keep the veggies going to, eventually.
>>Anne in FL
>>zone 9b, sunset 26