Re: [gardeners] intro

Margaret Lauterbach (
Thu, 28 Jun 2001 06:07:21 -0600

Hi, Wendy. Teaching Theatre Arts at Notre Dame sounds like a great 
job.  That caught my eye, since my husband just retired from teaching 
Theatre at Boise State U. for the past 30 years (40 years teaching theatre 
all together). In the late 60s he taught at UC Riverside, with Mike 
Addison. Perhaps you knew him at SD.

Since you're young, interested in veggie gardening and an organic gardener, 
I'd strongly urge you to join Seed Savers Exchange. It costs $30 per year, 
but that gives you the opportunity to buy seeds and tubers that are not 
otherwise available commercially. This year there are 12,550 unique 
varieties of seeds, tubers and some scions for fruit trees.  I'm not 
associated with them, but have been a member for the past four or five 
years, and wish I'd been a member for more years than they've been in 
existence. I have a large veggie garden, grow several varieties of hot 
chile peppers, and make sure I grow something new to me each year. I also 
write a garden column for the Boise (ID) newspaper, so have to extend my 
interests to ornamentals too. Margaret Lauterbach

At 03:57 PM 6/27/01 -0500, you wrote:
>My name is Wendy & I moved to South Bend IN from San Diego CA two years ago
>to take a faculty position at Notre Dame (I teach Theatre).  I'll bet there
>are a couple of Irish fans on this list --I'm not much of a sports fan,
>however.  I garden organically, at this point almost exclusively
>vegetables.  We inherited some flowers and landscaping from the previous
>homeowners but we haven't done much with it--so for now we have an acre of
>mainly lawn with  300 sq. ft. devoted currently to food gardening, on which
>we grow whatever takes my fancy from year to year.