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Thanks for the information Ed.  All of what I know is what is published in
the paper.  There were other pesticides and chemicals besides DDT, it was
just the only one I knew when reading.  Even then it was saying there were
toxic levels of 4 or 5 different chemicals in the birds.
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> Anetta:
>     The half life of DDT is 50 years. It is slow to perc through the soil
> and fruit trees under water stress have been shown (OSU) to draw up and
> exudate DDT through the leaves to drop again on the soil surface. So much
> for the three years with no chemicals and you are organic.
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> >George,
> >what is the half life of DDT?  How long can it sit in the ground and be a
> >viable poison?  The research, by state scientists, is showing that the
> toxic
> >levels of the farm chemicals, most outlawed now, are what is/has been
> >killing the birds.  They found very high levels in the soil, water and
> >birds.