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I have only been really growing roses a short time, as in planting more than
what came with the house.  But I have come to love them now that I no longer
have to use caustic chemicals.  I have found a few good suggestions that
have worked for me.

Our soil here is pure almost white sand.  To that I added large amounts of
cow manure, peat and then a layer of top soil.  When planting a rose I add a
rotten banana, or peel, to the hole.  My roses are blooming more than ever
since I started adding the banana to existing bushes, by digging a hole in
the drip line, and pushing be banana a few inches below the surface.

Another suggestion that came my way is to use a milk mixture on the rose
leaves to kill black spot.  While this may seem unusual, it really seems to
be working for me.  I spray the roses with a 1/4 mixture of milk to water,
but have been slowly lowering the amount of milk.  It seems to be working,
but if I forget the black spot takes over completely in no time flat.  That
may have more to do with the fact that I have not been cleaning up the
dropped leaves as religiously as before.

This is not an approved method for roses, but my experiments seem to be
working.  I really hated using the fungicides as they burned my skin and
left a white film on the leaves, the milk does neither.  I know of a few
other that are using the banana idea, and a couple of others that use the
milk all reporting good results.  Of course I still use a good rose food 4
times a year and use a water soluble fertilizer once a week at prescribed
dosages.  My roses seem healthy and happier than I have ever seen them
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> I need all the tips that I can get on caring for roses. What do YOU think
> the best way to amend the soil, fertilize, stop insects including Japanese
> beetles, and stop black spot? I have many flowers, but I have a terrible
> keeping my roses looking like I want.