[gardeners] Re:Edible flowers

Jill Ann Williams (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 04 Jul 2001 21:18:54 -0400

I like to put the leaves of 'Alaska' nastursiums on pieces of Pizza.
These 'Alaska' nastursium leaves have a variegated coloring of
cream/green.  Almost looks like cheese! I like to think of the
nastursium leaves on pizza a a sort of pepperoni substitute.

When the weather gets cooler, I prepare sweet potatoes with brown sugar
and butter.  Then top them off with the blossoms of nastursiums to give
a nice peppery taste.

Why not have a 'Johnny Jump Up' breakfast. Top a stack of pancakes with
a smiley face made out of Johnny Jump Ups! :)

Jill Wms.

Add daylilies and nastursiums.