[gardeners] Poppies

flylo@txcyber.com (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 5 Jul 2001 03:42:13 -0500

Thanks George!  
I think I'm in one zone N of you. (Leon County, East/Central TX) 
We're considered 8'ish' or top of 9 but borderline all the way 
around. Pineywoods just to the East of us, and Waco iron ore to 
the West we're in a kind of weather pocket, a 'zone' all our own.
I'll try planting poppy seed during the next 2 months so hopefully I'll 
get some to sprout in the spring. I think I've been planting them too 
late (the season I expect them to grow in), and yes, I've been 
lightly covering them with the soil. Never thought about them being 
like lettuce seed. Will try all your hints!
Martha, (Texas)
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