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Sounds great George, I wouldn't dare put any plants like that out that
early, as you may recall, we had 5" of snow on May 20.  Good thing I was
cautious this year.  Unfortunately I couldn't save the peaches, looks like a
no crop there.  I will be getting a net for the cherry tree next year.  We
had a beautiful crop and the birds cleaned it out in a week, picked every
one just before they ripened.  I do have that recipe, in my files, so I'll
have to try it out.  I do like the idea of freezing w/o the sauce.  When I
get room in the freezer, I'll try it out, of course I have a while as the
plants have not even flowered yet...  


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Jane: I've started all my eggplant from seed for several years. In my
climate I
put two seeds to a 4 inch pot in mid-January and usually set them out by
March, early April. Occasionally one will die but most live and produce
we, literally, get tired of eggplant. I picked 8 fruit yesterday and will be
making a large moussaka for freezing. I generally do the whole thing but the
eggs and bechamel sauce and then vacuum seal the casserole (aluminum) and
freeze. When I get ready to eat one I thaw in the fridge, add the eggs and
and finish baking. My recipe, which I think I posted last year, is from a
cookbook called "Greek Cookings" I bought in Athens in 1985. A real hoot to
and then have to look up some of the ingredients.


Jane Burdekin wrote:
> Now I can hardly wait, I have 8 eggplants in my garden this year, 5 I grew
> from seed and 3 I bought as plants because I don't usually have much luck
> growing from seed.  All are looking pretty good this year and I hope to
> a good crop.  All these recipies look great.  Thanks.
> Jane
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> << Eggplant, can, indeed, be bitter, if it is not salted and rinsed,  >>
> Try the Oriental varieties such as Filipino Lavender or Neelamlong NOT
> bitter!  Also there is a difference in the bitterness of male and female
> eggplants.  Look at the bottom to differentiate.
> Mary-Anne