Re: [gardeners] Eggplant Grinder

Margaret Lauterbach (
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 08:19:07 -0600

 From Philly?  Howyadoon?  Hey, this sounds great.  What are "cappicolla" 
sandwiches?  Do YOU know how to prepare Spigariello for cooking?  Thanks, 
Margaret L

>In Philly, they usually called them hoagies, but subs and grinders were 
>also used. I remembered grinders being used to refer to one that's baked 
>or heated after assembly, like meatball, sausage or eggplant, but I see 
>it's also used for cold ones now too.
>Eggplant parmigiana was typical. Fried eggplant slices, thick pizza sauce, 
>mozzarella,  parmigiana on a long Italian roll, baked til the mozzarella 
>melted and everything was hot.
>We used to take fried eggplant sandwiches when we went fishing in Delaware 
>Bay when I was a kid. Just fried ep slices on a fresh Italian roll.
>Assembled hot, packed in a basket with some cappicolla  sandwiches and 
>eaten out on the boat.
>We would peel and slice an eggplant -- about 3/8 of an inch thick, salt 
>lightly, stack slices in a glass bowl, and put a heavy weight on top and 
>let sit for the bitter juices to seep out for 1/2 hour or so. Then rinse 
>off the salt and bitter stuff with cold water, dry on paper towels. Dip in 
>flour, then beaten egg with a pinch of salt, then into bread 
>crumbs.  After the whole batch is breaded, you fry til golden in olive or 
>other vegetable oil. Drain off excess oil on paper towels. Good hot, good 
>cold, can be frozen for future use.
>Sunland, CA  formerly from Philly