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Thanks for the answer.  According to Sunset Western Garden book they are
often sold as the same but are not. East Friesland and May Night are both S.

I went to the nursery where I bought the plants and asked which species Blue
Queen belongs to.  She looked it up in two wholesale guides and one said S.
nemerosa and the other said S. superba.  Clear as mud. :-\ After discussing
the matter we both agreed that the Blue Queen I bought from her was S.
nemorosa since it looks almost identical to May Night except the flowers are
a little more purple than blue.

E. WA.

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I thought that S.superba and Nemorosa were the same and the most widely
planted perennial salvias. Two I usually hear of in my area is East
and May Night. May Night was the 1997 Perennial of the Year. It is deep
lavender-blue while the other is purple. I have not seen your other.