[gardeners] Caught a night blooming cactus flower in bloom!

Carol J. Bova (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 14 Jul 2001 00:39:49 -0700

Hi Folks!
I finally caught one of my night-blooming snake cactus plants right after 
it opened! It will be limp and drooping by morning... which is when I 
usually discover them. This afternoon, after realizing I missed one bloom 
last night, I noticed another bud was very pregnant on a second plant, and 
here it is tonight!

This is from a cutting from a plant that used to grow on a swamp oak behind 
my parents' old house in St. Petersburg, FL. It  would send out roots into 
the oak leaf mulch at the base of the tree and spread out at the base of 
the tree in long, branching sections, hence the name snake cactus. It also 
would climb up the bark, and was about 30 feet high.  I remember visiting 
one summer and seeing 30 dinner plate size blooms all open up and down the 
tree. Quite a sight!  My plants are just twiglets compared to the mama 
plant... one is maybe 2 feet long, the other 3.

My mom must be smiling down from heaven tonight. She used to stay up every 
year to get photos to send to me.   Now I finally caught one of my own. <g>

Midnight in Sunland, CA