Re: [gardeners] George-Pressure canner

George Shirley (
Sun, 15 Jul 2001 20:57:43 -0500

Look up Mirro's web site and you'll probably find the parts you need. Barring
that you may have to carve one from hardwood. Mine is a 35-year old Sears
Harmony Maid, aka Presto. I have found parts at the Mirro site and Sears still
carries them too. If it's the round handle that has a long screw jobbie going
down the middle you can get a one-inch hardwood dowel and drill the proper sized
hole in it. I hope your National is also rated as a pressure canner. Pressure
cookers don't usually have to handle the pressure a canner does.


Craig Watts wrote:
> George,
> We have the #7 Pressure cooker from the National Pressure Cooker Company
> (Now know as Mirro from an e-list at
> We've got a broken wood handle and would like to know your experience in
> getting parts. Where and who.
> Thanks
> Craig Watts