[gardeners] Re: Favorite perennials and milkshakes

M J Trahan (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 16 Jul 2001 11:18:02 +0800

   > Wow, that's a tall order! Two of my favorite perrenial combinations 
   >include ivy geraniums or other pelargoniums and impatiens. The colors 
   > are usually very complementary and easily cared for. 

 Hmmm, sounds wonderful! Bet you're in zone 10! :-)

 One of my Favorites is dark green perennial blue vinca and creeping phlox (usually pink works best) and midseason yellow daffodills and marsh marigold. Pretty boring after spring, but a knockout for about a month.

 Another is multigreen foliage in different leaf shapes. Var. wiegilia kept small, golden sage, some multigreen hostas in different leaf size, and the multigreen lantana w/ yellow blooms. All grown in High semishade to keep the green levels similar.

 Blue and blazing white variegation is another personal favorite, mixed in with plenty of dark green 'foils' and lots of burgundy foliage. 

 Try var. hydrangia, blue lyme grass and "hot tuna"(kept in a barrier) together in full sun.

 I love some of the different dwarf sedums in the same pots (but loath 'Autumn Joy')

 "Why yes, my yard can have a tendancy to look like a martian landscape. Or at least other-worldly."

 "Flowers need deadheading, foliage rules!" :-)

 >In Boston milkshakes don't contain ice cream.
 ?!?! Try a Fribble at Friendlies or an Awful Awful at Newport Creamery. (and the pickallily!!! at Newport Creamery!)  :-)

Matt born and raised in Mass. and Rhode Island.
good gardening


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