Re: [gardeners] canning equipment

Bargyla Rateaver (
Mon, 16 Jul 2001 21:00:23 +0100

yes, there must be something new about the jars. I used to can like mad,
years ago, and did not have such problems. I should think Ball people would
be glad to reimburse you, or replace jars. They have a very, very old name
and reputation. wrote:

> In OG magazine the classified section has an ad for canning lids in
> bulk. Gardener's Kitchen
> I just went there and the links to their order page don't work so
> you'd have to call them or write.
> (I was just curious about how much a bulk buy would save over
> grocery store prices.)
> Gardener's Kitchen
> Box 322-OG07
> Monument Beach, MA 02553
> Interesting to note that I've had other folk mention that their canning
> jars have blown out too. one lady wasn't canning but freezing goat
> milk in them. Temp changes when thawing in a cool water bath are
> enough to wreck these newer jars. They're Kerr and Ball standards
> too. When I did big (pressure) canning jobs, I would never rely on
> Golden Harvest jars but knew the heavier Kerrs would handle the
> job ok. Guess they're all lowering their standards these days.
> Martha, (Texas)
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Bargyla Rateaver