Re: [gardeners] Dream Garden Shed

penny x stamm (
Sat, 21 Jul 2001 23:53:05 -0400

Terry, my dream garden shed would very closely resemble a
doll house big enough for 10-year-olds to play in. I saw a "doll
house" on an estate once, which was a mini-replica of the
"big house" on the estate. Because it looked so "real", it
could not offend the eye.

The insides of my garden shed-house would be traditional, with
shelves and pegs and floor areas, and no one would be the wiser....
There would be room for the lawn tractor, the snow machine, the
long handled tools, the chemicals, the pails and buckets, the
spare hoses, the wheelbarrow...   It sounds as if I mean a garden
shed as big as a garage, but not so:  my son fits all of that good stuff
into his ordinary garden shed by being methodical about how he 
puts things away. 

Penny, NY -- with no shed at all!


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