Re: [gardeners] Re:Globe thistle

Bargyla Rateaver (
Thu, 26 Jul 2001 08:39:16 +0100

where do you buy the really blue alpine columbines

Margaret Lauterbach wrote:

> At 07:30 PM 7/25/01 +0100, you wrote:
> >how do I get something for the garden that is really, really, really truly
> >blue,
> >like the sky, without any lavendar in it.
> Bargyla, some of us grow truly blue flowers but the color may be due to our
> soil. Your soil may incorporate something that produces lavender.  I grow
> flax (sky blue blossoms) and Alpine columbines (dark blue, but people in
> the Midwest tell me it's purple. Maybe there it is, but here it's navy
> blue).  Margaret L, in SW Idaho


Bargyla Rateaver