RE: [gardeners] Re:Globe thistle

Dorsett (
Thu, 26 Jul 2001 12:28:54 -0500

> Bargyla, some of us grow truly blue flowers but the color may be
> due to our
> soil. Your soil may incorporate something that produces lavender.  I grow
> flax (sky blue blossoms) and Alpine columbines (dark blue, but people in
> the Midwest tell me it's purple. Maybe there it is, but here it's navy
> blue).  Margaret L, in SW Idaho

Maybe the color difference is determined by soil, or it could be the quality
of light...there's probably more humidity here, even in early spring.  Or,
maybe, my eyes see shades of blue differently.

I got the alpina seed from J. L. Hudson, Seedsman.

Cynoglossum is so blue that it's difficult to mix with other blue flowers
like flax and borage and Ceratostigma.

tones...but it's not something that will bloom here very easily.

Barb in Southern Indiana  Zone 5/6
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