Re: [gardeners] looking for opinions

Bargyla Rateaver (
Wed, 01 Aug 2001 21:59:41 +0100

I have a REAL reply for you. Many years ago I bought from Troybilt, I think,
the cart they advertised. No, I don't think I bought it, I think it was one of
the several items they GAVE me when I was teaching the
first-course-in-the-world on organic method--along with many other gifts I
received from them and other companies.

But I want to say, whether I got it as a gift or not, it has been just
marvelous, like everything else I was given. I am still using it, it is
strong, the wheels are excellent, I have used it for anything and everything,
rocks, sand, dirt, heavy or awkward things===I just LOVE it. I don't see
Troybilt ads any more--has that company died? But I am so grateful to them for
all the things with which they showered me.

Sherryl Fawx wrote:

> Hi All,
> I finally have a real yard to garden in, and it needs a lot of work (or
> rather, remedial care.  Is it really work when you're having fun?)  I have
> basic tools, but I'm looking for a cart of some sort to move stuff like
> soil or compost around.  So I'd like to get your opinion on what works for
> you and why, if possible.  Is one type easier on your back or knees?  Has
> another broken down in only a year or 2?  I have no kids, so I can't just
> borrow their little red wagon.  I'd appreciate any comments.
> Regards,
> Sherryl
> Northern California, USDA zone 9b


Bargyla Rateaver