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Here are all kinds of U.S suppliers of cornflowers if these are the ones
your looking for.


Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus)
The fuzzy hairs on this plant's leaves make the foliage appear grey-green.
The flowers are excellent for use in both cut and dried arrangements.
Cornflower will readily reseed itself.
Color: Blue . Height: 24-36 inches . Type: Annual . Lbs Per Acre: 4 . Seeds
per lb: 89,000 . Sun: Full sun or light shade . Soil: Neutral, basic-avoid

Planting requirements:full sun or partial shade; prefers basic, neutral
soil. Avoid clay or poorly drained soil. Surface sow or to no more than 1/8"
Click on the arrow below to order 1 lb >$15.75
1/2 lb >$10.15
Ounce >$5.95
Packet >$2.00

Earthly Goods Ltd.,
PO Box 614,
New Albany, IN
47151         Fax to 812-944-2903.


Cornflower / Bachelor's Button (centaurea cyanus)
Drought tolerant annual, attractive multi-stemmed with many flowers in
shades of blue, white, pink and red. Prefers full sun and just about any
type of soil. Easy and fast germination. You will surely admire this hardy
annual. 150 seeds for $1.50.F222


Call 505-861-0146 to place an order today - we accept Visa and Mastercard.
If you would like to order by mail, use our printable order form or send a
list of your requested seeds along with a check or money order to:

Seeds Unique
1125 Barboa Ct.
Belen, New Mexico 87002

Be sure to include $3.00 with seed orders for shipping and handling ($3.75
for international orders - $8.00 if you require registered mail). Please
provide a neatly printed return address. Free shipping on seed orders over
$40. If you have any questions about ordering, send us an email at:

Flower Seeds - Cornflower (Bachelor's Button)
Cornflower 'Blue Boy'

Bachelor's Buttons
Centaurea cyanus

Item #1113


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> *sigh* I was talking about CONEflowers. Color me red in the face and
> tired!!!!! On doing a search for CORNflowers, I found that I can't find
> these seeds anywhere but the UK and Australia. And the UK will NOT send
> them outside the UK. (??) Pretty flower!!
> Janni