Re: [gardeners] New Taste of Cherries

Lon J. Rombough (
Wed, 08 Aug 2001 08:04:09 -0700

Queen Ann (aka Royal Anne, aka Napoleon) is grown here in Oregon
commercially to make maraschino cherries because they are easier to bleach. 
Why bleach?  So they will take the artificial red color better.  Oh yes, the
red dye they use is a proven cancer causer - the industry says it HAS to use
it as nothing else gives the right color.  And workers at the plants report
that they often go through two pairs of rubber gloves a day because of the
strength of the bleaching and brining agents used.
Still want a maraschino cherry on your sundae?
>From: Janni <>
>Subject: Re: [gardeners] New Taste of Cherries
>Date: Wed, Aug 8, 2001, 7:53 AM

>I bought some Queen Anne's a couple weeks ago along with Bing's. The QA's 
>were on sale for 3.98 a lb, down $2! I love Bing's but I thought the QA's 
>didn't have much taste.
>  At 07:20 AM 8/8/01 -0700, you wrote:
>>Hi, Terry,
>>Those yellow/red cherries are featured at our Middle Eastern markets all
>>summer. I remember seeing them years ago, in NY, at a conventional
>>market, sold as, IIRC, Queen Ann cherries.
>>The ME clientele seem to prefer them by far to the red a price
>>that reflects their choice selection: 1.49/lb, which is high by that
>>market's standards.
>>You might check them out at Middle Eastern markets in your neighborhood.
>>Van Nuys, CA