Re: [gardeners] more in August

Bargyla Rateaver (
Fri, 10 Aug 2001 18:14:40 +0100

I dried some seeds from a yellow, big size tomato, that I got from the
local organic farmer, so if anyone is desperately anxious to have a
yellow, ordinary size tomato (I mean, not cherry size), I'll send.

If you already have the good soil, a spot open to good sunlight, why not
try just to see if it fruits OK.
======= wrote:

> The Sunday Houston Chronicle had an article on growing Fall
> tomatoes. I threw it away before I could get in here and copy out
> the names, but generally, choose larger plants and give them some
> protection from the sun for now. Suggested a board propped up on
> something to shade them from direct overhead sun. Pick
> determinate types because they usually mature faster than the
> indeterminates. But, one selection was our Texas Wild, and it's a
> little cherry tomato on a big sprawly plant. Dona, Jubilee, Mortgage
> Lifter were all named as I can remember (M L is a large ind type
> too, I think.) martha


Bargyla Rateaver