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Tue, 14 Aug 2001 10:38:11 -0700

It maybe true, *IF* there is a local supply available, that it is cheaper or
the same price to buy finished compost and *IF* having compost is your only

OTH if you generate a lot of material to make compost and you want to know
exactly what is going into the compost, making your own is the way to go.
In buying compost you have to factor in the cost of having garden and
kitchen waste hauled away (it can be expensive in cities), the time and
material involved in preparing the waste for hauling, and the cost of
replacing plants and/or soil if the purchased compost is contaminated which
does happen with compost created from yard and garden waste collected in

There is no reason, with proper care, that the coated galvanized steel won't
last for years.  The one I bought is warranted for 5 years and the parts are
easily replaceable.

E. WA. zone 4

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> On another list someone took a real close look at these.
> He determined that he could get a 20 cu yd load of compost
> delivered for the
> same price as a compost drum set up.
> He then determined that if he lived in the southern states where he could
> make compost year round,  it would take 12 years to make 20 cu yds of
> compost.
> A zone 4 or 5'er  that about 48 years.  I don't think the barrels
> last that
> long.
> Byron