[gardeners] Barrel Pond is finally set up

Terry King (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 18 Aug 2001 09:03:59 -0700

I finally have my Barrel Pond/fountain setup.  What started as one barrel
has become 2 barrels and a large terra cotta clay pot in series and another
separate pot with fountain. I guess this is what happens when a plant addict
try's something new. :-D

I set up one barrel on my patio the next (with a spill lip) is one step up
on the deck and next to that I set up the pot on a plant stand with 3 pot
legs and a large saucer. The pot is set up as a biofilter with a bubbler
fountain up through the middle and I have 3 types of Lysmanchia circling the
edge.  I files a notch in the saucer (an idea I saw at Home Depot) for the
water to spill into the top barrel.  In the top barrel I have Sweet flag, a
mini papyrus and a square basket with my houttunyia, a lysmanchia and
crystal confetti pennywort (Hyrocotyle sibthorpiodes).  The basket is pushed
up against the spill lip to keep some salvinia and duck weed from floating
out.  In the bottom barrel I have a hardy water lily, a large spiral rush, a
yellow flag iris, a large leaved bushy pennywort to hide the tubing coming
out of the barrel, and some salvinia, duckweed and water lettuce.   I also
have my 2 shubunkin goldfish in this barrel.  On the spill lip between the
barrels I had to put a large, pretty rock to keep the lipped bowed enough so
I don't get water running back under the liner.  On top of the rock I have a
little fish water spitter.

It took about two days to get the flow regulated so that the clay pot didn't
over flow and drain the lower barrel.  Boy, is it a delicate adjustment.  I
hope it won't be so sensitive once the filter medium has a good build up of
bacteria on it.

The only thing left to add are a couple more fish in the top barrel.  I
would love to use Paradise fish but I'm afraid it may get too cold at night
for them.  I left my aquarium thermometer in that barrel over night and the
temp was 55 degrees this morning.  I'm not sure I want more shubunkins,
these two may eat me out of house and home, they are voracious eaters.

Any suggestions for pretty fish that will take such cool temperatures?  I
will have to bring them inside in an aquarium for the winter so koi are out.

E. WA.