[gardeners] Friday and Saturday in the garden, mine and others

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 18 Aug 2001 21:32:31 -0500

Friday morning we harvested, washed, and chopped about two quarts of okra and several sweet chiles
from our garden. At noon we left for Houston and our daughters home. At 5:30 pm we met all of our
family, son and his wife and two kids, daughter and two of her kids, eldest grandson, his lady and
their baby at Pappa's in Humble. That's the Greek Pappa's not the fatherly one. B-) Two hours later
and a couple of bucks broker we had finished up a fine seafood dinner for the whole crowd in honor
of Joshua Michael Robertson's twenty-first birthday, Josh is our oldest grandchild and a fine young
man. We're proud to be his grandparents and, after all, he did present us with a beautiful
great-granddaughter who always laughs when she sees her GGgrandpa.

Today, Saturday, Miz Anne, the daughter and I drove over and spent the day with our son and his
family. Getting grandbaby love all over us. Miz Anne, DD, and DDIL went to the Mercer Arboretum
plant sale and returned home with DIL's SUV full of nice plants, mostly costing about 6 bux each.
Gorgeous, large, healthy plants too. Miz Anne was thinking of me too, she bought me three new
gingers to add to the collection. Will have to go out and read the labels in the morning as I have
already forgotten the names of them except that one is a beautiful variegated leaf type. Wanted one
of the Thai curcuma's but they had sold out of them early this morning. Next year we'll go straight
there for opening time.

If you live in Houston area, do NOT miss the Mercer Arboretum plant sale next time it's announced,
probably in August of 2002. Miz Anne and the other two ladies were big-eyed at the beautiful plants
and the low cost and, additionally got to walk through the Arboretum to boot.

I think I'm gonna go shower, shave and hit the sack as it was a long 30 hours for me. Those little
babies wear me out what with all the holding and kissing and hugging.

Life is good.