Re: [gardeners] Passion fruit bounty

Ron Hay (
Tue, 21 Aug 2001 07:28:35 -0700

Good morning, Martha,

Passion fruit, at least this year, come in various sizes, from those
slightly larger than a ping pong ball, to those a little smaller than a
baseball. They are oval in shape, with the interior being a light
orange, with copious black seeds. The edible portion is the pulp found
surrounding the seeds, which we remove, first, by whirling twice, very
gently, in a blender, then put through a food mill.

The seeds are edible, and many enjoy the crunchiness, much as one enjoys
the crunchiness of  pomegranate seeds.

The taste is perfumey, but is a bit on the tart side. You will recognize
the scent as one of the major components in "tropical" beverages.

We use the juice as a marinade, to make syrup, and in numerous other
ways. The Aussies make the national dessert, Pavlova, using passion

Oh, and last but not least, passion fruit juices makes a wonderful