[gardeners] Swap seeds internationally before Sept. 21

Margaret Lauterbach (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 28 Aug 2001 11:56:09 -0600

The USDA published a policy change July 23 that I just learned about. As of 
Sept. 21, they will begin routinely and consistantly enforcing an old law 
requiring phytosanitary certificates for nursery stock, plants, roots, 
bulbs, seeds, and other plant products from other countries except for some 
greenhouse-grown plants from Canada.  Commercial nurseries have been 
subject to this policy in the past, but now the requirements are to be 
extended to home and hobby growers' importations. Phytosanitary 
certificates are issued by agricultural inspectors at the country of 
origin, and pricing is up to those countries who have ag inspectors. Fee 
for Canada certificate is over $11 US , Mexico certificate about $25 US. See
. This site has been difficult to get into, and they have slightly changed 
the original announcement within the past two days, but I think the general 
tenor of the threat to biodiversity remains.  Margaret L