[gardeners] Gator be gone

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 30 Aug 2001 14:52:19 -0500

Miz Anne's gator is finally finished and has made the trip to the Symphony office okay. We delivered
him in the middle of a rainstorm and worried he might blow out of the truck but we had him really
trussed up.

I'm glad to get him out of the carport so I can put the cars back in there. Had to repair a couple
of stress cracks in one foot and one "arm" and repaint those areas though. Seems they're made of
fiberglas resin laced with polyester threads as the all fiberglas molded gators didn't hold up well.
Drilled tiny holes at the end of each stress crack to stop further propagation and then glassed them
in again. Two hour drying time yesterday evening, painted again, 1.5 hour drying time, and O Fish Al
Gator was ready to go. If I ever get around to finishing my web page and putting it up I'll post
some of the series of pictures I made of the gator process. I think my lovely wife and helpmeet did
a great job on it. But, then, I'm slightly prejudiced in her favor.

Obligatory garden content - has been raining for several days, about 7 inches worth so far. Picked
okra yesterday during a small break in the rain, had okra pods up to 10 inches long. Thought for
sure those big ones would be woody but they weren't, just as tender as the little ones. Reckon the
overcast skies and rain kept them from the woody stage. Sliced them thickly, dropped in beaten egg
and milk and then into a bag with cornmeal with lots of herbs and spices and then into canola oil at
375F for a few minutes. Drained well and then eaten quickly. Verrry tasty they were. Might have some
more tonight but stir-fried with some eggplant and a few other veggies. I can really recommend both
varieties we grew this year. The Burgundy from Burpee is a favorite now, makes a deep burgundy leaf,
stalk, and fruit. The Burmese is the same as we grew last year but is performing better with more
rain. The Burmese will get woody quickly in normal weather so is best cut at 3 to 5 inches. As long
as the tip snaps off cleanly it will be tender. The Burmese came from a friend so thanks Margaret
L., it is a winner. <VBG>