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Mon, 3 Sep 2001 07:54:20 -0400

We are also in the summer doldrums of gardening.  Here in FL there are not
any real consistant summer bloomers, except Crepe Myrtle and very few

This year my Myrtles also look anemic compared to previous years.  In fact
they are already starting to turn color, as in fall color.  This is way to
early for our southern clime.  It is not only mine turning, I have seen them
reddening up all over central FL.   My Cosmos did not even try to come back
this year.  Maybe it is the heat, but cosmos have never been reliable
reseeders for me, nor have cleome or some others that should.  Even
perennials like the canna lilies did not put on as big of a show.  My pots
of flowers are all in the summer doldrums also.  Few blooms and very little
new growth to show that it will be blooming again soon.  Sept. is still very
hot, but the evenings will begin to cool, just a little.

The only thing that seems to be blooming are the roses.  Most of my hybrid
teas and all of the florabunda are putting on a real show.  Or, at least,
were until the rainstorm last night knocked every thing down.  It pulled my
climbers off of the trellis and pulled most petals off of the blossoms.  It
was a real heavy rain, and may have had hail, though, there are no holes in
anything.  This morning all those roses will have to be dead headed.
Thankfully, there are plenty of buds to fill in over the next few weeks.

The only other things that have been blooming are the Plumbago and the
Lantana.  My blue plumbago almost died last winter when I failed to cover it
for the coldest nights.  It is back to being the giant plant that covers a
4ft X 3 ft area in the front bed.  The yellow lantana has been great too.
Other than haveing to keep it in bounds two plants have covered a 5ft x 3ft
area on either side of the plumbago.  The yellow and blue look fantastic
together.  It is one of the most trouble free and best looking beds that I
have going.

My small veggie garden was pretty close to a total loss.  Not one single
zuck ever matured on the two vines that we planted.  Only a few tomatoes
became ripe and remained uneaten by birds or squirrels.  Course the garden's
demise came about from a two week vacation with no rain.  It was the longest
we went all summer, and no one was here to fill in with the sprinkler.
Yesterday I went out there and pulled what plants and weeds were left.  It
is now covered with clear plastic for a few weeks, to get ready for a winter
planting of peas and broccoli come Oct/ Nov.  That is if I can find seed.  I
am out and fall seed is not always easy to find.
Anne in FL
zone 9b, sunset 26
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> Well, It's been another wonderfully warm summer. The
> tropicals all look great. (now I just need to find
> places in the house to keep 30+ pots!)
>  Which brings me back to late June, July, and most of
> August.
>  The crepe myrtles  have had miniscule blooms if at
> all, the grasses grew well but are now staked to keep
> them upright (a first), the reseeding cosmos popped up
> everywhere, but except for maybe a dozen small blooms
> (on 40+ plants!) there was nothing, and they were 1-2
> foot tall, instead of 3-4 and covered from top to
> bottom in beautiful blooms like last year
>   Any suggestions on long blooming perennials for mid
> summer?
>  I'm told the cosmos need to be restarted from fresh
> (store bought) seed every few years to maintain their
> vitality. Is this true?
>  The rest of the garden beds are amended sandy loam,
> on a gentle slope leading down to the parking lot.
>  Thanks for any suggestions!
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