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Having run programs for things like this, it will not be to much of an
invasion of privacy.  The computer program will look for certain words or
phrases.  At one time that was done by hand, or eye, as well as computer,
and that is where I came in.  Going through reams and reams of paper looking
for those certain words or phrases.  No I did not work for the CIA or FBI
but for a company that suspected internal espionage.  Being that we were
there on midnights and it was not unusual for us to be collecting papers and
info from desks and out bins, it became our job.  Something  found caught
the one selling information to competitors and found a man molesting his
children.  This was back in the 70's before home pc's.  I do not remember
anything that I perused, nor would I want to.  I ran the computer batch jobs
that were left so they were on the desks in the morning, mostly running the
computers at night and running computer printers.  We also had to watch what
came off the printers, because most of that was sent to clients around the
world.  Had to be sure no one was accessing information that was not their
own.  Oh, both men were procecuted, the one performing espionage got more
time than the molester.
Anne in FL
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> Halfway listening to the news a while ago. FNC said the feds were getting
all archived email from
> AOL and Earthlink. Apparently the terrorists were sending messages through
those ISP's. What do
> y'all think, invasion of privacy or necessary evil?
> George