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Fri, 14 Sep 2001 10:54:10 -0500

Anytime you use the Internet, e-mail or a cell phone you should assume it is
being monitored.  Sadly the advances in technology that allow us the modern
ability of easy communication also allow the unscrupulous to invade our

Anytime you send a message to anyone you no longer have control over the
final destination.  Just look at some of the lists of addresses on forwarded
e-mails.  What you choose to forward tells a lot about you as do the
web-sites you choose to visit.  Information is constantly being gathered
about you for advertising purposes so it is prudent to assume the same type
of information gathering may be being done for other purposes.  You have no
way of knowing who is reading your posts on lists and forwarding them to
other lists either.  If you are using a company computer your employer is
likely monitoring at least some of your personal usage.

I have also received several messages over a period of a couple of days to
another person that through some glitch in the system somewhere were
misdirected.  One of them to me at least appeared to be information that was
probably limited to a need to know basis within the company concerning
security.   These messages were sent to mbrown at another ISP but somehow
were delivered to my ISP who delivered them to me.  I finally sent the
security type message back telling them that this person's messages were
being  mis-directed somehow and the messages stopped coming.

I personally am more worried about identity theft than the Government
reading my mail after having to clean up the mess left by someone using my
DH's name and address to obtain loans and credit cards a couple of years


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I have nothing to hide also (That's almost funny considering) The only thing
is though this may be setting president so they can interfere anywhere at
anytime without our knowledge.  Maybe if they had a disclaimer like "This
forum is being monitored" Then it would be your choice to reveal whatever.

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> The information that we got here (NYC), was that AOL offered the
> w/o being asked.  In this particular case, I say go for it... I wouldn't
> mind them tapping my accounts, I have nothing to hide.
> Raven