[gardeners] Saturday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 15 Sep 2001 19:40:09 -0500

Picked some "mild" jalapenos today plus a nice mess of "sweet" paprika. All grown from seed bought
from national seedsmen. About a third of the jalapenos were actually mild the rest took all the hide
off my tongue. The sweet paprikas were mostly sweet but a few of them were pretty !@#$% hot. Did
them up as poppers, stuffed with a jack/cheddar cheese mix, battered and fast fried in canola oil.
Came out okay but Miz Anne is a super taster and could only eat one or two, I ate several and chased
them with a glass of milk to kill the fire. Anyway, I am wondering how a large seed company could
screw up that way. Reckon they didn't have their "mild" and "sweet" patches far enough away from
their "fiery" and "demons from hell" patches?

Picked some more okra today, chopped it and froze for the son and DIL, our daughter's children won't
eat most veggies except potatoes so didn't bother gathering any for them. When daughter comes to
visit she pigs out on all the fresh veggies she can.

We're avoiding the TV except for about an hour a day now, I can't stand too much of the type of
emotion the scenes of devastation evoke in me.

You can't buy an American flag in this area at all. All the stores sold out of flags and
red/white/blue ribbon by Wednesday and new shipments haven't made it in yet. I haven't seen such an
outpouring of patriotic fervor since the Gulf War and am more proud of the American people than I
can say.

Life is good again.