Rain RE: [gardeners] A belated happy birthday, George!

Terry King (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 26 Sep 2001 06:29:48 -0700

Wow!  Such service.  The clouds blew in from the south and it started to
rain last evening and has continued to rain all night.  It hasn't been a
hard rain but steady and I think it actually has the soil moist several
inches deep, I'll have to wait until full light to go out and check.  No
puddles though so soil isn't saturated but its a good start.

I hope its enough to lift the burn ban so I can burn all the rotten lumber
from the torn down sheds.

Thanks to all who wished for rain!

E. Wa. zone 4

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> Hello, Terry,
> We need rain, too, but won't really expect any until late November.
> I know how desparately you all need rain; maybe we can divide and
> conquer:)
> Working at home today, on my third load of laundry, then will go spray
> the roses. It will be a busy, but I hope productuve day.
> Ron