[gardeners] Re: Compost on the hill

penny x stamm (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 27 Sep 2001 15:35:23 -0400

Terry, actually you do have some alternatives:

1.  Fill a bunch of 32-gallon pails with locking lids and roll them
     down the hill. 

2.  Fill a bunch of 32-gallon heavy-duty garden bags and roll them 
     down the hill. 

3.  Hitch a field barrow to one of the horses. After all, if they can 
      voluntarily make it up there by themselves, then they could
      surely find the footing to make it down with a barrow.

4.  Build a makeshift sluice out of the old lumber and slide the
      compost down the hill.

5.  Place an adv in the local paper for 2-fers: whatever you come
      to cart away, leave me an equal pile at the bottom. 

6.  Take a deep breath and bring the D6 Cat up top. My son's 
      building a road across a ravine on a hill behind his cottage
      with his tractor,  and it is enough to turn a mother's hair white, 
      but so far, he has survived.

7.   With the right outlook, obviously an 1/8 of a mile is not so bad.
     You can still schlepp it. 

Penny, NY 


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