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Fri, 28 Sep 2001 09:17:56 -0500

Ron I have what the locals around here call a moon flower "bush" . The white
flowers are out at night and they have a lemony scent to them. The are
making seed now. The seeds are in spiny brown balls like a golf ball. The
leaves are large heart shaped and velvety to touch. These are the toughest
dang things! They can survive the south side of the house in Oklahoma oven
baking temperatures without a drop of water! The bush gets over 4 feet high
and wide with a rounded appearance. Very pretty, but very large.
    If you or anyone else would like some seeds from one of the pods contact
me privately and I will give you a address to send a SASE (self addressed
stamped envelope). These things are hardy and they do spread by seed easily.
Last year after frost hubby chopped off the bush and threw it in the brush
pile. This year we have a new bush there. When the seeds are ripe in a few
weeks I will send them your way.

Okie zone 7a
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From: "Ron Hay" <ronhay@pacbell.net>
> There seems to be some confusion at times over the common names of
> flowers, as opposed to botanical names.
> > Could the morning glories growing wild be mistaken for moonflowers?
> Dunno, having only seen a picture of one moonflower in my life, in the
> current issue of American Gardener, published by the American
> Horticultural Society.