[gardeners] Friday in the garden - almost

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 05 Oct 2001 19:21:53 -0500

Got up early this morning and waved Miz Anne bye-bye while she went off to work for the day. Old
girl is finally starting to feel better which makes me happier. Anyway, had big plans for the day,
gonna get the house all cleaned up, aired out, and then out into the great wilderness that used to
be our yard and gardens. 

Got the house vacuumed, both bathrooms cleaned up and the kitchen too. Went to store and bought a
new mop, old one had had it, then mopped every hard surface floor in the house, foyer, kitchen, two
bathrooms, one hallway and the utility room. Cleaned the kitchen up very nicely and then took a
break as I was getting pretty sweaty. We haven't run the air conditioning in almost two weeks now
but it was up to 80F today. 

Sat down at the computer to read email and maybe do a little paper work for my business and go busy.
About 30 minutes later I heard water running and wondered what was going on. Turned out to be rain
and it has rained off and on until almost dark today. Oh well, there went pulling up some flowers
that are in the wrong places, getting rid of the defunct zinnias, and mowing. If it dries up
tomorrow maybe we can mow and weed eat the edges. It's either that or start running jungle tours in
the backyard.

Did get a chance to make a nice dinner this evening, big ham steak, home grown and preserved
saurkraut, carrots, and mixed peas and beans chased with a small German chocolate cake the neighbor
brought over. Miz Anne is asleep on the couch and Sleepy is snoozing under my desk. I'm gonna take
my bath and then curl up with several books I checked out at the library yesterday.

Life is good again.