[gardeners] Re: Letting go for the winter

M T (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 10 Oct 2001 18:48:58 -0700 (PDT)

OH YEAH !!  ;-)

Hi Terry,
 We had to bring the tropicals in over the past 2
weeks. This is the first year I've lived here that I
got real crazy.
 We have a great sunporch with 4 nice north windows
and a large east facing bay window. None have shades
except for the roll up shade on the baywindow for the
summer heat.
 We cleaned it up a bit and moved the couch 3 feet
away from the north wall. Behind it is the 7 foot by 5
foot monstera vine and the 4 foot tall ball of
something similar. Nearby are the two three foot tall
pink and burgundy Hawaiian Ti plants.
 We finally tiled the bay window this year (we took
five years to "think about it"!) It has a dozen 1 to 2
gal size clay containers on it and there are another
dozen 5 gal size containers in my room.  Thank God for
older houses with lots of tall windows!
 The other 2 dozen smaller containers are scattered
around the house. I got a little crazy this summer
with new containers in shades of cobalt blue. Since
they had to come in for the winter, I filled them up
with plants...
 With the vines hanging over the couch and the sound
machine set on Hawaiian surf, I won't need to leave
the house till April.  ;-)

Hope your winter is warm,

> Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001 08:25:53 -0700
> From: "Terry King" <taeking@endlesshealth.com>
> Subject: [gardeners] Letting go for the winter
> I broke down my barrel pond yesterday.  We have had
> night time temps in the
> low 20's this past week so it was time.  I always
> have a hard time letting
> the pots on my deck go in the fall.  I've been
> covering some at night and
> bringing other inside.  My Gartenmeister and
> varigated fushias are just
> starting to really look good and bloom so they are
> in the house.  DH has
> been away all weekend and I don't know what he's
> going to say when he comes
> home to find a 1/2 barrel with my fish, lysmanchia,
> houttyunia and confetti
> pennywort along with my pot of canna and all my
> fushia pots in the house.  I
> grouped the barrel, my scented geraniums, cannas and
> Gartenmeister fushia in
> front of the sliding glass door. If I disappear
> after today you know he
> locked me a closet. Wait, we don't have closets, so
> it will probably be the
> dog house. <just kidding>  Of course he's used to me
> doing things like this.
> I think I'll need to set up a grow light over the
> pond even though its in
> front of the glass door my experience has been the
> plant won't receive
> enough light to keep from getting leggy by Feb.  I
> still need to find a
> place to put my two pots with the Firecracker hardy
> fushias, two kinds of
> ipomea vines and lotus vines.  I'll probably have to
> set up my grow lights
> again upstairs.
> Terry
> E. WA. zone 4
> ------------------------------

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