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Thu, 11 Oct 2001 20:16:07 +0100

yes, the main job of humans is to do gardening---that's what the Creator

Billie wrote:

> on 10/11/01 12:00 PM, at wrote:
> > Billie, take heart!  You're doing all the right things with your
> > children. There may be a time when they all turn their backs on the
> > soil and what grows in it, but the knowledge will be like dormant
> > seeds underground. One day, one of them will sprout again!  My
> > Grandfather was a keen gardener. Actually, an old frusterated
> > farmer as he had to move his family from the land to the city to
> > earn a living. But he always had massive gardens, lots of grafting
> > experiences, etc. His (many) grandchildren never did seem to take
> > after him, and that must have been hard to take. But I'm back on
> > the land now, wishing I'd absorbed more of what he tried to show
> > me. I have a cousin who runs a garden center in Huntsville, Tx, and
> > got his degree in horticulture and other plant 'themes'. None of our
> > parents (my grandfather's direct children) were especially good at
> > growing things.
> > So, 'what you sow, so shall you reap', especially in the minds of
> > children, or someone will anyhow. martha
> That's what I'm hoping for...:)  I really do feel it's a gift for them that
> they can "discover" in the future.
> I'm not actively seeing child clients any more, but during the 10+ years I
> did, I discovered that engaging them in growing things (from full-blown
> gardens in the residential treatment centers to geraniums in pots in my tiny
> office in the public mental health center) was a powerful step in their
> healing processes. I hope that for some of them that little bit of exposure
> to getting their hands in the earth was something they were able to put to
> use as they got older.
> My kids do love planting things and taking care of them. Last week my 4-year
> old daughter found an acorn (amidst the hundreds that are falling this time
> of year!) and decided we need an oak tree in the middle of the backyard, "so
> we can sit under its shade and have picnics and play." She planted the acorn
> and watered it and my husband marked it so he'll be sure to watch out for it
> when mowing...:)
> This spring we got plant markers and identified everything in our beds, etc.
> The kids have enjoyed learning what everything is and watching how some
> things grow quickly while others take more time. I'm convinced this is
> teaching them something important about life...:)
> Thanks so much for your inspiring words...
> billie


Bargyla Rateaver