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Fri, 19 Oct 2001 09:04:11 -0500

We have about 4 trees in the yard of the new house and 3 or 4 around the
garden we haven't noticed any fleas. Sounds like he had a squirrel or a
rabbit that took up residence there and made a flea deposit.
    People just don't realize how many of these wild critters are infested
with fleas! Just something we don't really think about. We have a old house
where I have my weed room on the back porch. Rabbits loved to go under the
house and skunks loved it to. We eliminated the skunks but still had a flea
problem. Sprayed topside to keep from getting some disease and still had a
problem. Finally threw a bug canister under the house and that knocked them
out. Rabbits still go under there but we haven't had a flea problem in
years. I guess they just got a nest started and we had to break the cycle.

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> He also noted that there were many fleas around a black walnut.