Re: [gardeners] imidacloprid

Bargyla Rateaver (
Sat, 27 Oct 2001 10:02:01 +0100

Neem is from a tree. Yes, I long ago bought some, have not needed it any
more--maybe because so longtime organic promotion of my soil.  I remember once
long ago I got a sample from someone in Asia, and I do have some US product on
my garden shelf, not needed any more.
   I also have a whole book on Neem.  There is a similar tree here in Calif,
probably could make juice from seeds and use that.
----------- wrote:

> I suspect this is not natural/organic and not available in California.  LOL
> Very few chemicals are left on the shelves here.
> Neem is natural/organic.
> Mary-Anne
> << Even better are those products that contain imidacloprid. Ther are bayer
> products at places like Home Depot that contain this. >>


Bargyla Rateaver