Re: [gardeners] Mail sterilization

George Shirley (
Tue, 30 Oct 2001 09:57:49 -0600

PETA should have been around in the days of Railway Express when chicks, chickens, rabbits, bees,
etc. were shipped by railroad. I sent a trio of rabbits to Moscow, TX and they went to Moscow,
Idaho. Needless to say I had to refund the man's money and collect the insurance from REA. I would
think air travel would be much kinder to the animals than riding the back of a truck.

George wrote:
> The only problem with that is the mail order chick (and bee)
> industry. They were fighting a last gasp effort because the postal
> system had said it wasn't going to renew airline contracts for live
> freight after November.
> PETA has decided it's cruel to send animals on airplanes and the
> legal issues to fight them just isn't worth the money the hatcheries
> earn in sales. (Because they're routinely sent via postal system,
> UPS won't handle live freight.) martha