Re: [gardeners] Whitefles

Bargyla Rateaver (
Tue, 06 Nov 2001 16:48:25 +0000

I don't intend to make replies angry, so I am sorry if they sound like that to

It really is true that the soil is what counts, mostly. Once I listed all the
things I added to the sand I started out with. I deliberately used sand, cheap,
and then I would not have to worry about what someone else's soil might
contain. I could add all I wanted to add.

I do have whitefly now on the big fruit tree, but that is just because I have
done nothing at all in the back yard, and as soon as I get the spray gun out
and do the spray, the whitefly will disappear.

It is interesting how the insects can tast the difference in the plant sap,
right away, if the plant is hungry for something it needs. I just hope I can be
ashamed enough to muster up the strength to spray tomorrow.
   Also it has not rained !!!!! the first time in all these decades that we
have had no rain even by November. So I had figured on rain to save on my
enormous water bill, but it was a mistake, I  know. I should have just used the
hose. I get fooled every evening because it always LOOKS like rain.

I would not harp on that point---ADD GOODIES to the soil, if I weren't so sure
that it makes a big difference.

I ;know I get very irritable when I am over hungry.

Very very very strange weather.. In al the decades I have lived here, I have
never, ever seen a fall without rain, starting Sept. It is now Nove and NO RAIN
at all !!!!

Margaret Lauterbach wrote:

> Bargyla, do you have no malevolent insects?  People do what they can to
> make perfect soil, and still get insects.  It's very frustrating to be told
> to "improve the soil" when you've done everything you know to do.  Angry
> replies don't help either.  Margaret L
> >yes, but when I keep suggesting to improve the soil, the real remedy, I
> >get angy
> >replies.


Bargyla Rateaver