RE: [gardeners] Friday in the mood for more celebrating (
Sat, 24 Nov 2001 23:32:08 -0500

Hi there, George -- we were expecting to be with my 16-month old niece
on Thanksgiving, but she overslept. Broke my heart, it did . . 

Our holiday meal was spent in the company of (remember the list...?)
all those famous cousins:  90, 93, 92, 82, 80, and us young 'uns. Of
course we did have 3 teenagers, to wait on us.. or was it the other way around? And this is the house with the dozen geckos, the tanantula, and
the black widow spider, plus the tank of tropical fish. You kinda get used to it, after a few years ....

One grandson arrived by car from Rochester, NY, about 350 miles (with his
dad); the other grandson arrived by car from Spartenberg, South Carolina.
with another driver -- they drove 17 hours straight thru, in a flatbed truck, bringing a used car up here for his mother. His friend had never
seen the North before, and he insisted upon geting down to Ground Zero to see the World Trade Center ruins, and to taste our northern pizza, canelone, Chinese food, smoked ham, in fact, anything which he had heard of but had never found ...  We took 9 of us to the Brazilian Brassiera
Restaurant for dinner on Friday night. The waiters come around with skewers hot off the open fires, and slice as much as you want as long as you stay, for your dinner:  roast beef, lamb, pork, sausage, rabbit, 
chicken, can't remember what else. They rolled in a full roasted suckling pig, and a little while later, a full baked fish of some kind. And the buffet holds 42 different salads, plus 3 soups, mashed potatoes and gravy, and rolls. There's a dessert trolley as well, but we have NEVER tried it. Penny, NY 

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