Re: [gardeners] Friday in the mood for more celebrating

Bargyla Rateaver (
Mon, 03 Dec 2001 21:37:50 +0000

Yes, I can see and do understand.  Thank you for writing.

Ron Hay wrote:

> Dear Ms. Rateaver:
> You seem to miss the point, entirely. This list is more of an online
> family, one very much interested in gardening, but also in each other.
> We, as a group, share a passion for gardening, but also delight in each
> other's online company, the human element, if you will. Gardeners are,
> in the final analysis, PEOPLE. To me, the very human interaction here is
> what gives this group life and makes it enjoyable, not merely the
> discussion of roses and rhubarb, and the like.
> Ron,
> Van Nuys, CA


Bargyla Rateaver