[gardeners] New Gardening Book - Ideas for Christmas?

Linda Sims (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 10 Dec 2001 10:16:26 -0500

Perhaps of interest to the gardens folks:

New from Timber Press: Insects and Gardens by Eric Grissell...
"Written by Eric Grissell, a garden writer and research entomologist, this innovative book explains insect biology and the important role of insects in garden ecology. Not a manual for pest control, Insects and Gardens is unique among books for gardeners in looking at the garden from a holistic viewpoint; it describes the whole range of interactions among insects and garden plants, from the harmful to the beneficial."

Now for the disclaimer, there isn't one... as Eric is a friend, as I've worked with him for years. His quiet, yet wacky, sense of humor has humored me greatly over the years. As I was lamenting the whole scale aphid attacks, he introduced me to the concept of "trap crops", and lo and behold, it worked... Although he doesn't cited the gardens approved method of soil temperature testing, he does delve into some unique and wacky topics or gardening...Do you really know what the phrase, "you've got cotties" really means???

Delightful reading, and available from Amazon.com

Linda Sims
Zone 7a
Washington, DC