Re: [gardeners] seed starting yet?

George Shirley (
Thu, 27 Dec 2001 13:42:40 -0600

Yup, I tear the pot bottom to help the roots go through and bury the pot with about 1/2 inch of lip
sticking out of the ground.


Margaret Lauterbach wrote:
> At 10:33 AM 12/27/01 -0600, you wrote:
> >I've had better luck with the peat pots than I have with starting them in
> >pots most of the time. I
> >don't put everything in peat, just the tomatoes. Seems they do much better
> >for me. Chiles and the
> >rest go in sterilized plastic 4 inch pots. Should have clarified my
> >statement. Since everything is
> >in my office I just have to turn my head 90 degrees to see what is going
> >on with the plants, they're
> >about six feet from me then.
> >
> >George
> Do you then plant pot and all?  I've considered it for stuff that hates
> transplanting such as watermelons, but decided instead to use berry baskets
> lined with coffee filters.  Then plant the whole thing. But I really
> dislike peat pots.  Margaret L